What Parents are Saying...

“My priority and the most important thing is the welfare of my son and for me it was essential to find a VPK to gather all the qualities to leave my son. After going to several, I found what I was looking in Conway Learning Center. My son was a year ago in preschool and was a very special and important year in his life and that of our family. Ms. Carrie is an excellent teacher that connects with each of their students. My son was always happy and waiting for the next day to go to class. Performance and learning was surprising and when my son starts Kindergarten he was already familiar with the letters, math and science. All the staff is excellent! I recommend CLC to all parents for their tranquility and welfare of your child. My son Dihan and I miss the school very much.”


“Wow i am so impress with the quality of care my children receives at this school. From the office to the classrooms everyone is super nice informative and friendly. The office is on top of information sharing and working with me to find help for my daughter who has some behavior issues. Quality care at its best.”


“My daughter has attended this school since turning 1 year old. By the time she was 2, she was counting to 20 in both English and Spanish and knew her abc's, shapes and colors. She is in the 4 year old class now and is currently writing her own name, coloring inside the lines, and drawing stick figures and learning to read. On a special note - she also prays before eating each meal and before we go to bed each night. I cannot say enough about her learning experience and the love she has for the learning process.  The school is also the best in town, by far, when it comes to the cleanliness of the facility and the loving environment the staff provides. Meals are prepared for the children (both breakfast, lunch and snack). You could not ask for a better school in Orange County and Orlando.”


“The best preschool money can buy. The best of the best! I had my child in two other schools prior to coming to this preschool and none can compare. From the top head lady to all the teachers, so friendly, knowledgeable and loving to all the children. Its feels like a big family. My son is very happy and cannot wait to come to school every day. GREAT PRESCHOOL!!!!”


“WONDERFULL the best money can buy. Very clean, your child learn, caring teachers, director always there, and most of all they thought my child how to pray you can not beat that.”


“I absolutely love this school! My daughter is 4 yrs old and started the year extremely shy and I have seen such an amazing change in her that it makes my heart happy. I really enjoy the Christ centered activities and learning, academics and the great staff. I couldn't have asked for Better teachers than Ms.Stepanie and Ms.Neumar, my daughter has grown to love them so much. I truly and honestly recommend this preschool to any parent. I'm only sad to have my daughter leave this year and go to a new school.”


“My daughter has been attending for the past 3 months and the Director is very hands-on, friendly, knowledgeable. I am so happy that the Lord led me to this wonderful school. This school is very clean and I really happy with my daughter's teacher she's very humble and attentive to all of her children. This may be the best school in this area.”


“Attentive teachers, Christian-based education, loving environment, affordable. Wouldn't trade them for any other school in the community. Looking forward to enrolling child #2 in the fall. This school is an amazing beginning for your child! My son can even write his name now, and he's only 3!“


“Conway Learning Center is a Christian based school that focuses on the family. They are, by far, the best in the area and arguably the best in Central Florida. We looked at several schools before choosing CLC - they are clean, passionate about teaching, loving and challenging at each "k" level. My daughter has been attending since she was one and is nearly 4 years old. She is beginning to read and doesn’t even turn 4 for another 2 weeks. According to our family, CLC is the place to start.”